European Solidarity Corps

What is European Solidarity Corps?

ESC is a programme of the European union, previously called European Voluntary Service. Young people have an opportunity to travel abroad and become a volunteer, trainee or worker in organisations of different specializations thanks to the programme. They can learn something new and personally grow in the areas they enjoy, meet new people from other countries and improve their language skills.

For whom is the project suitable? For all people aged 18 to 30  – you do not have to be a student

For how long? 2 - 12 months (for volunteers)

Where? Within a registered hosting organization of your choice from the following database –

How? Conact a sending organization in the Czech Republic (consultations possible in our Volunteer Center, Diocesan charity České Budějovice, +420 731 604 163)

What can you achieve?

  • valuable experience of involvement in a foreign organization
  • opportunity to apply and develop your language skills
  • experience in a field that is interesting for you
  • new friends and contacts all over Europe
  • up to a one year long volunteer visit abroad, with paid travel, housing and meals

Who are we ? / What we do? / What is our role?

  • we are a hosting organization and we host foreign volunteers
  • we offer foreign volunteers the opportunity to help people in need
  • we provide accommodation and support throughout their stay in the Czech Republic
  • we help those who are interested in joining the European Solidarity Corps to find and contact a suitable host organization
  • we carry out the preparation of the volunteer before departure, e.g. sending volunteer to pre-departure training
  • we keep in touch with the volunteer and the host organization throughout the project

Write us an e-mail:

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